Two years have passed since foundation of the National bar code organization

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NBCOT has been founded with support of the domestic business community and the trade enterprises of the country, which are a part of the Union of industrialists and entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan (UIET). In May, 2015 NBCOT has received the status of the full member of international organization GS1 on creation and introduction of the standards the headquarters of which is located in Bruxelles. GS1, consisting of the National organizations of each country, helps the companies to do business confidently all over the world. Nowadays 112 national organizations are its members.

The National bar codes organization of Turkmenistan, due to big organizational-technical work conducted short terms, has received right of use “GS1 Turkmenistan” brand, and from this moment appropriates to the Turkmen commodity producers a national prefix (code) “483”. Today the bar code is appropriated to more than 650 organizations of the Ministries of trade, industry, textile and the food-processing industry of the country and many others.

The system of bar codes opens high advantages to any kind of business. With their help the process of data gathering and recording becomes faster and exact that allows to reduce prices, to reduce to zero the probability of errors, and also to simplify goods turnover processes.

The next stage is a wide application of “GS1 Turkmenistan” identification by means of automation of bar coding processes of at the enterprises, in trading and other organizations. The technology of automatic identification allows in online mode to carry out operatively the analysis, an estimation and control of efficiency of enterprises activity. Such method can be applied in production control, as well as in planning of resources of enterprise or organization.

Putting of the international number of bar code on one’s goods - means to make it interesting for super and hypermarkets, as well as competitive both on internal, and in foreign market. And if work processes are automated, it simplifies and accelerates the goods turnover as a whole, allows to raise the level of responsibility, open monitoring possibilities in manufacture, transportation, products delivery, as well as protection of brand from counterfeit.

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