The struggle for influence in Central Asia- extract 1

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Russia, which is back from 2008 in newly independent countries, especially shown by Ukraine crisis in 2014, with its "special circumstances and [his] particular weight that is binded tightly ' with each State were part of his empire for nearly 80 years, due to its geographical proximity, which facilitates deployment troops, and finally by his interest not to lose touch with a part of the world for its essential strategic focus on Afghanistan, drug trafficking, warm seas, energy resources of the Caspian Sea, ISIS terrorism, and also on the possibilities temporarily or permanently to weak the Chinese and Iranian response capabilities in the region, especially after the lift of sanctions for Iran in 2015.

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Au pays de Margush

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From Antic ages, South of Turkmenistan played an important part in the surrounding area’s development of sedentary cultures patterns, as played Irak for countries in Middle east.

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